The Making of a Leading Practice Site in the HRSA/OPA Peer to Peer Program- An Insider’s view: March 12, 2014 2:00PM to 3:00PM (EST)

All 340B participating organizations are required to meet 340B integrity standards and uphold 340B program requirements. A number of organizations have integrated the benefits of the 340B program into their operations to a high level of success achieving the status of a leading practice site. Having done this, they are eager to help others find their success implementing a 340B pharmacy project. The purpose of this webinar is to highlight those aspects of the 340B Peer to Peer leading practice sites that make them successful within the 340B program and share with the audience the process of becoming a HRA/OPA P2P leading practice site. Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) credit will not be offered for this webinar.
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